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Moss Removers for use on Roofs, Patios & Drives.

Our Moss Remover products are formulated for fast effective Moss Removal on most external hard services, such as block paving, pattern imprinted concrete, tarmac, walls, render, roofs,  tennis courts, wooden decking and garden furniture.

If you are searching for a fast acting ‘Moss Killer’, you don’t need to look any further.

Product Benefits

  • Removes Moss and Algae growth fast
  • Inhibits re-growth of Moss, Lichen and Algae
  • Easy to Apply
  • Fast acting Moss Killer & Moss Remover
  • Suitable for most external hard surfaces
  • Makes moss removal easier than ever

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Roof Moss, as well as Algae and Lichen growth can be very unsightly so a good Roof Moss Remover is essential if you want to quickly remove moss, algae and lichen on roof tiles.

The spread of moss, algae and lichen on roof tiles can make a relatively new house look quite old in appearance and lower its ‘kerb appeal’ considerably. A carpet of moss on roof tiles and other fungal growths such as green algae and lichen in particular will not only lower the appearance of a home, they can also cause long term damage if not removed. It is important to most homeowners to keep their properties looking nice at all times and unsightly moss can detract from this. Sometimes, it is necessary to use a powerful moss remover such as Moss Clear Pro that acts as a moss killer to quickly kill roof moss and make moss removal so much easier.

So yes, it is unsightly, but surely it’s not dangerous?

All of these green growths can make these external surfaces extremely slippery when wet and most people know that is the case from personal experience! Most of us have had “moments” when we have felt ourselves slipping on these surfaces and it can lead to heavy falls, because of course, people aren’t expecting it.

Please select from either Moss Types, Moss Removers or Surfaces above to decide on the best product for your issue/s.

All our products are easy to apply and can be used either on their own or prior to pressure washing and perhaps sealing the surface.

Roof before application of Moss Remover

Moss on Roof

Clean Roof after application of Moss Remover

Roof after Moss Removal