Moss killer for tennis courts

Will keep Tennis Courts Free from Moss, Lichen and Algae growth

Moss growth on Tennis Courts can be a big problem as it can make the surface very slippery and dangerous especially when wet. A good moss killer for tennis courts will keep tennis courts free from moss, lichen and algae growth. We recommend a powerful and effective tennis court cleaner and moss killer for tarmac like Moss Clear Pro. This proven product will keep tennis courts safe to play on at all times.

Moss and algae can quickly grow and spread on astroturf or tarmac tennis courts, especially if they are in shaded damp areas. Its best to use an effective tennis court cleaner plus a tennis court maintenance programme to avoid these problems.

So how do you clear moss off a tennis court? If its an astroturf tennis court or a tennis court laid with tarmac, the process for tennis court moss removal is the same. A strong effective biocide and moss remover such as Moss Clear Pro can quickly kill and remove moss growth on tennis courts.

Moss Clear Pro is used frequently as a tennis court cleaner, especially as a moss killer for tennis courts. Moss Clear Pro is also an effective moss killer for tarmac but can also be used on tennis courts laid with astroturf.

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How to get rid of Moss FROM Tennis Court?

The way to do it is to kill these mosses with Moss Clear (or the stronger Moss Clear Pro)

Moss Clear is a highly effective microbiological biocide that will quickly remove moss, algae, fungi and other types of organic growth thoroughly and efficiently. Moss Clear is suitable for block paving, concrete, tarmac, decking, roof tiles and many other external hard surfaces.

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Tennis court moss removal and moss killer for tarmac

Will make the Tennis Court Free of Moss and Safe to Play On

It’s important before starting any moss removal treatment on a tennis court that the surface is clean and free from any leaves, clumps of loose moss, lichen and bird droppings. A domestic pressure washer should be sufficient to clean the tennis court and get rid of any green algae or large lumps of moss. This will help save money by reducing the cost of the moss removal process by using less chemicals.

Once the surface has been prepared, an application of Moss Clear which is an effective moss remover for light moss growth or Moss Clear Pro for heavier moss growth should make the tennis court free of moss and safe to play on.


Use a tennis court cleaner for tennis court maintenance

Remove any Moss and Algae on a Regular Basis to Keep the Tennis Court Safe to Play On

Moss and algae growth on tennis courts can also cause damage to the playing surface if left too long without any sort of moss removal treatment, so it is essential to remove any moss and algae on a regular basis to keep the tennis court safe to play on. If a tarmac repair is required, there are various tarmac repair compounds that we can recommend.

Moss removal treatment for tennis courts and other sports courts laid with tarmac and astoturf is relatively straightforward. Most tennis clubs should be able to carry out regular moss removal and general maintenance to their tennis courts. The large areas involved make using a sprayer for application essential. We can recommend various types of sprayers to spray the moss removers with, so you can select the size of sprayer that best suits your needs.

Moss Clear Pro can also be used as a moss remover on deckingpatiosconcrete and roofs. Please take a look at our FAQs page for further information.


Moss Clear is a Highly Effective Microbiological Biocide that will Quickly Remove the Biofilm such as Moss, Lichen and Algae and other types of Organic Growth thoroughly and efficiently.