Moss killer for block paving

Using a moss killer for block paving like Moss Clear or Moss Clear Pro is the easiest way to keep block paving clean. A block paving cleaner can really help with block paving maintenance. You can kill moss and algae with Moss Clear without risk to surrounding plants or wildlife. Moss Clear Pro is a higher strength biocide that works really well as a moss killer for block paving

Sometimes moss on block paving can accumulate in the sanded joints between the blocks, particularly in shaded North facing areas. This moss growth will not damage the block paving, it just looks unsightly. When green algae and lichen are also present, it can become a slip hazard and be to the detriment of its appearance.

before Moss Killer for Block Paving
after Moss Killer for Block Paving
before Moss Killer for Block Paving
after Moss Killer for Block Paving

An effective block paving cleaner

If you are looking to treat the moss on your block paving, and are generally trying to improve the overall look of your driveway or patio, it is best to accept that a few simple maintenance procedures, maybe twice a year are required.

The key thing is to stop the bevelled edges between the blocks filling up with muck. If this not removed periodically with a stiff broom it will readily attract moss growth. We have a recommended approach to keeping your block paving moss and algae free. Firstly, apply a liberal application of our Moss Clear product. Depending when you want results, just dilute the product accordingly for how much moss is present. Using it for patios or block paving, apply at a dilution rate of 5 to 1. This will lead to the moss starting to die off within a few days. For real intense ‘carpets of moss’ or for quicker results, apply at a 3 to 1 dilution rate.

For best results, apply the Moss clear when the moss is as dry as possible. This is because when dry, the moss will absorb the product readily into its roots structure and will be far more effective. After application, If you do nothing, the moss will die off and go brown and rain will simply wash it away over time. To ensure the block paving is clean, simply sweep the surface just a few days after application.

Block paving maintenance

After you have removed the moss from your block paving its best to keep the joints clear of muck. If you see any moss or algae, simply re-apply Moss Clear and let nature do the rest.

To keep your block paving clean, some aspect of block paving maintenance should always be carried out. An algae and moss remover can only do so much, so a gentle pressure clean always helps. Black lichen in particular can be hard to remove once established, so best to stop it growing in the first place.

For further information on any moss remover product, please visit our FAQs page or call 01268 722500.