Removing moss from tarmac with Tarmac moss remover

Moss on tarmac can be a real problem unless treated effectively with a tarmac moss remover. Moss removal is essential to keep a tarmac driveway looking good. Not only does moss on tarmac spoil the appearance of the tarmac or asphalt, it can also be dangerous and speed up the deterioration of the tarmac.

To rectify this problem, an application of a tarmac moss remover such as Moss Clear or Moss Clear PRO will kill moss growth and make moss removal much easier, without the need for intense pressure washing that could possibly further damage the tarmac.

Green algae and moss forming on older tarmac in damp shaded areas, can be very slippery and cause accidents. This can be a real issue on public area, tennis courts, school playgrounds and driveways.

before tarmac moss remover
After tarmac moss remover

Problems with moss on tarmac can be easily fixed

Moss retains moisture, and this constant dampness within the tarmac will help breakdown the protective resins, a factor in reducing its lifespan.

Removing moss from tarmac and preventing regrowth against it reforming on tarmac is a very straightforward process. For light moss and green algae, an application of a tarmac moss remover like Moss Clear at a dilution ratio of 5:1 will kill off moss and make moss removal easier. In areas with ‘heavy carpets’ of moss we recommend our more powerful moss removal product Moss Clear Pro. Both products are specially formulated with surfactants to safely kill off moss and algae spores, without harming surrounding vegetation or pets.

Due to the heavily textured surfaces of many types of tarmac and asphalt, a liberal generous application is required. This is required to enable the Moss Clear or Moss Clear Pro to soak deep into the pores of the tarmac and help kill off the moss. In instances, where there is a heavy layer of moss it is advisable to ‘rake over’ the moss prior to application, to ensure to product reaches the roots of the moss.

Moss removal from tarmac made easier

Always remember, any product applied to moss will be far more effective if the moss is dry before application. This is because when dry, the moss will naturally draw in the moisture from the moss killer product. Once applied, over the next few days the moss and any green algae will start to die off, and eventually disappear. Once this process is complete, you can either sweep up and remove the dead vegetation, or allow the moss to naturally biodegrade and break down.

Both Moss Clear and Moss Clear Pro products have moss inhibitors to help keep the tarmac free from moss and algae. At some point in the future, dependent on the age, condition and surface porosity, moss or algae will start to regrow. All you have to do is simply re-apply Moss Clear as a preventative by watering can or sprayer. To keep tarmac looking like new, you may want to consider a product like Tarmaseal.

You can also use the moss removers to eradicate moss, algae, lichen from concrete, decking and roofs. Check out our FAQs for more information on the various surfaces you can treat plus application guidelines.