Cost Effective Roof Cleaning Product for Roofs

Damp porous roof tiles can be the perfect environment for moss growth. You can eradicate this problem using an effective roof moss remover. Roofs, like any part of a home, will get  dirty and often attract moss, algae and lichen growth. Moss on a roof can also look unsightly and can cause problems so its important to use a roof moss killer to prevent unnecessary stress on roof tiles.

During Winter the freeze/thaw process can also cause roof tiles to break. Not only does this cause your roof to deteriorate, but also the rapid degradation of your roof which could be costly.

If your roof is covered in Moss then you need a cost effective roof cleaning process and a roof moss remover like Moss Clean Pro. An ongoing moss treatment can keep roof cleaning to a minimum and prevent the regrowth of moss. A high strength roof moss remover like Moss Clear Pro from Smartseal is the most cost effective roof cleaning process around today. A powerful roof moss killer like Moss Clear Pro is great for removing moss, algae and from all types of roof tiles.

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How to get rid of Moss FROM Roof?

The way to do it is to kill these mosses with Moss Clear (or the stronger Moss Clear Pro)

Moss Clear is a highly effective microbiological biocide that will quickly remove moss, algae, fungi and other types of organic growth thoroughly and efficiently. Moss Clear is suitable for block paving, concrete, tarmac, decking, roof tiles and many other external hard surfaces.

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A moss treatment for roof cleaning

Effective Moss Treatment To Eradicating Algae And Lichen On Roofs

The build-up of moss on a roof can also lead to blocked drains and gutters so you need to eradicate it quickly and efficiently. Smartseal have some great moss removal products that will do just this. Moss Clear and the more concentrated version Moss Clear Pro. As an effective roof moss killer, simply spray and leave and over time they will remove algaemoss and lichen.

Smartseal’s Moss Removers are an effective moss treatment to eradicating algae and lichen on roofs which can be the cause of damp in properties. Mould, algae and mildew on roof are a potential health hazard so you need a product that will remove the moss and lichens quickly and safely. Moss Clear and Moss Clear Pro are highly effective microbiological biocides that break down and eliminate moss quickly, they are also an effective moss prevention treatments.

Smartseal’s Moss Clear Pro and Moss Clear are the best moss removal and moss prevention products we have. They not only clean the roof tiles but they also help to reduce any regrowth of moss or algae. We recommend carrying out an annual moss treatment to keep roof cleaning costs to a minimum.

If your roof covered in moss, lichens and algae, Smartseal’s Moss Clear Pro is a powerful moss remover and roof cleaner. It’s an easy, one-step solution to removing moss, mould, mildew and algae on all types of roof tiles. Apart from removing the moss and algae Moss Clear Pro will also help to clean your roof tiles without the need for pressure washing. It is an extremely effective product to remove moss, dirt, algae and lichen. You can also use it on concretedecking and tarmac surfaces like tennis courts. See our FAQs for more details.


Moss Clear is a Highly Effective Microbiological Biocide that will Quickly Remove the Biofilm such as Moss, Lichen and Algae and other types of Organic Growth thoroughly and efficiently.