Wood Deck Cleaner and Deck Maintenance

Keep Decking Clean and Free from Moss, Lichen and Algae

Moss and algae growth on decking and other wooden garden features can create all sorts of health and safety issues if not rectified. If you have been searching for the best deck cleaner to avoid these issues, we can help.

Trying to keep decking clean and free from biofilm such as moss, lichen and algae is a constant challenge for many homeowners. Regular deck maintenance will keep the surface of the wood looking good at all times. Using a good moss and algae remover product like Moss Clear or Moss Clear Pro is essential to stop the surface of the decking becoming slippery and looking tired.

Decking is one of those external surfaces that looks great when first installed but can rapidly deteriorate over time especially during the winter months. Most decking is made from softwood and is very porous which often results in the rapid growth and spread of green algae which can become very slippery when wet and potentially dangerous.

Although decking will fade with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight this can easily be rectified with an application of clear decking oil. The wood will look good and stay protected but only for a year at most and through the winter months the decking often gets wet and damp which creates the perfect environment for moss and green algae to grow.

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How to get rid of Moss FROM Decking?

The way to do it is to kill these mosses with Moss Clear (or the stronger Moss Clear Pro)

Moss Clear is a highly effective microbiological biocide that will quickly remove moss, algae, fungi and other types of organic growth thoroughly and efficiently. Moss Clear is suitable for block paving, concrete, tarmac, decking, roof tiles and many other external hard surfaces.

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The best Deck Cleaner

Quickly Removing Dirt, Algae And Moss From Wooden Decking

Deck Cleaner from Smartseal is great for quickly removing dirt, algae and moss from wooden decking. The transformation can be quite amazing and the decking can look like new again.

The Deck Cleaner is a very effective wood deck cleaner and moss remover and can be applied easily by watering can or sprayer. Once applied it is left for a period of around sixty minutes and then washed off. Although it is an effective moss remover, it is also a good deck stain remover and will help to shift old deck stains that can look unsightly.

Care should be taken to rinse off any nearby vegetation such as grass or plants as the highly effective deck cleaner can have an adverse effect on any green plant life. Once the surrounding area has been rinsed down the Deck Cleaner is rendered ineffective and should not pose any problems to surrounding vegetation.

Moss Clear and Moss Clear Pro are biocide formulations and very effective moss removers. They will also kill and remove algae from most external hard surfaces such as renderconcretepatioscladdingtarmac and roofs. However, the process is slower as the biocides take longer to kill moss and algae.

Moss Clear and Moss Clear Pro are also very effective at moss prevention and an application of either product can help prevent the regrowth of any moss or algae for many months afterwards. Please check out our FAQs page or if you would like a contractor to visit and clean your decking you can request a quote online.


Moss Clear is a Highly Effective Microbiological Biocide that will Quickly Remove the Biofilm such as Moss, Lichen and Algae and other types of Organic Growth thoroughly and efficiently.