Removing moss from CLADDING

Keep Cladding Surfaces Free from Moss and Algae

During the latter half of the 20th century, architects have used aluminium and steel cladding to enhance buildings. Even these two environmentally tough materials cannot resist the ravages of time – the weather takes its toll, algae, mildew and moss grow and a once smart building begins to look run-down and uncared for. Exterior building cladding should be cleaned on a regular basis to restore and protect the building exterior whilst maintaining the appearance of the building.

Smartseal have powerful and highly effective biocidal products for removing moss, algae, mildew, lichen, moulds and fungi from on cladding. Moss Clean Pro and Render Clean Xtreme are highly effective microbiological biocides which break down and eliminate moss, algae and dirt quickly. They and are also excellent moss prevention treatments.

External cladding cleaning not only enhances a buildings physical appearance but increases the lifespan of the cladding system, helping to reduce ongoing costs.

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How to get rid of Moss FROM Cladding?

The way to do it is to kill these mosses with Moss Clear (or the stronger Moss Clear Pro)

Moss Clear is a highly effective microbiological biocide that will quickly remove moss, algae, fungi and other types of organic growth thoroughly and efficiently. Moss Clear is suitable for block paving, concrete, tarmac, decking, roof tiles and many other external hard surfaces.

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Problems with moss on CLADDING

Suitable for UPVC Cladding

Exterior cladding panels although often anodised, painted or plastic coated must undergo routine cladding cleaning and maintenance to help prevent deterioration and corrosion. Without a maintenance schedule, expensive re-cladding, or spray painting may be necessary. Smartseal’s Xtreme and Moss Clear Pro are effective in eradicating moss, algae and lichens on cladding.

Smartseal’s Xtreme is a powerful and quick cleaner for cladding to remove moss and algae and is an easy, one-step solution on many types of cladding. Apart from removing the moss and algae Xtreme will also clean the cladding quickly and effectively. It is an extremely high quality speciality product to remove moss, dirt, algae and lichens and the cleaning process begins immediately.

Moss Clear ProMoss Clear and Xtreme are Suitable for UPVC cladding, Aluminium cladding, Stainless steel cladding, Metal cladding, Brick and stone cladding. They extend the life of your building, preserve the building exterior surface and improve the appearance of your property.

Moss Clear ProMoss Clear and Xtreme moss removal and prevention products not only clean the cladding but they also help to reduce its reoccurrence. Due to the nature of moss, algae & lichen we recommend to carry out regular maintenance treatments as you can never totally eradicate it.



Moss Clear is a Highly Effective Microbiological Biocide that will Quickly Remove the Biofilm such as Moss, Lichen and Algae and other types of Organic Growth thoroughly and efficiently.