A good lichen remover often makes life easier

for Patios & Roofs

Due to white lichen, black lichen and patio black spot are seen on many surfaces throughout the  UK so the demand for an effective lichen remover has increased in recent years and is especially relevant. First of all, Lichen is very noticeable if you look from ground-level up to roofs of houses and are often seen as white and yellow in those locations.

All of these lichen formations tend to make your property look tired and in need of attention. This can be rectified easily with an effective lichen remover or for white lichen or black lichen on patios, a patio black spot remover can eradicate the problem.

Moss Clear and Moss Clear Pro will kill off the unsightly lichen growth quickly and effectively, making the surface suitable for pressure washing or a softwashing BioWash treatment if it’s on a roof.

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What does Lichen look like?

Lichen tends to form in almost-circular splodges, usually white and yellow in colour.

The white ones can look like old chewing gum stains and are quite common on block paving, because the blocks are porous and the sand-filled joints between the blocks are also porous.

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Moss Clear Pro is used by BioWash Registered Installers UK-wide to treat moss, lichen and algae formations on roofs. As a result, it safely removes all types of green growths and white and yellow lichens without high-pressure washing.

In conclusion, Moss Clear Pro is an effective patio black spot remover, which is hard to remove on natural stone, block paving and concrete patios. Moss Clear Pro is the most potent biocide we have and as a result, can make white lichen and black lichen growth a thing of the past. You can order this powerful moss remover directly from our online shop.

If you have any aspect of lichen growth on a patio or roof and you would like to remove it, we recommend using our moss removers. These special formulations ensure black lichen, white lichen, patio black spot and lichen on roof tiles can be killed off.