How to Remove Green Algae

From a Patio, Path, Wall or Driveway

Algae is a term for a large group of photosynthetic organisms but is usually seen by homeowners as a green slime which grows upon block paving, imprinted concrete, tarmac, decking, natural stone and roof tiles. If you would like to remove green algae from a patio, path, wall or driveway, we can show you how. We have a very effective algae remover and probably the best moss removal product on the market today.

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Green algae growing on a patio, driveway or an area of decking can be potentially dangerous to walk on, especially when the surface is damp or wet. To keep these areas safe at all times, it is strongly recommended to apply an effective algae remover, to stop the algae growing in the first place and to inhibit the regrowth of any green algae in the future.

It can be very hard to remove green algae just by pressure washing the surface, it seems to take forever! This is because the algae is so firmly attached to the surface that you need to have a very fine water jet and clean millimetre by millimetre to get rid of all of the green. To save time and make algae or moss removal much easier, it is always best to use a highly effective algae remover or moss remover which can kill moss and green algae quickly and help prevent regrowth.

We can supply a very effective algae remover that is easily applied by watering can or sprayer to a patio, pathway, driveway or roof and will start to take effect within hours. The algae spores are killed off by the potent biocide and over time the area will appear much cleaner.

How much do I need?

Moss Clear/ Moss Clear Pro

Dilute 1:5 with water, so 5 litre container gives you 25 litres of fluid, covering 100m².

What is the solution?

Simple! Our Moss Remover Products!

Moss Clear is a powerful moss cleaning concentrate which removes all types of green growth without high pressure cleaning or scrubbing. This microbiological biocide is specially formulated to remove moss, algae and lichens thoroughly and effectively and will save you vast amounts of time and frustration in your quest for a clean external surface.

Also available and widely-used by professional contractors across the UK is our Moss Clear Pro. Containing the special ingredient BAC 50, it is a higher-strength version of Moss Clear and if you have a very large area to treat or are a professional contractor, it could be the best option. Smartseal have a network of professional driveway cleaning contractors throughout the UK that can arrange FREE moss removal or treatments to remove green algae