Moss Clear is a powerful biocide

Quickly and Effectively treat Moss, Algae and Lichens

Moss Clear is a powerful biocide which has been specially developed to quickly and effectively treat moss, algae and lichens.

This potent formula will kill the green, white and yellow growths which appear on block paving, tarmac, pattern imprinted concrete, decking and roof tiles and therefore make them much easier to remove from the surface.

You can apply Moss Clear a few days prior to pressure washing via watering can or any garden sprayer although usefully, you don’t have to pressure wash this product off. If you wish you can simply leave it on the surface and let the rain wash it away in due course.

Once dry, Moss Clear is a safe and non-hazardous product although it does need to be kept away from grass and plants until thoroughly diluted. Moss Clear doesn’t contain any bleach or acid.

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Moss Types

Moss, Green Algae and Lichen which is often multi-coloured with white, yellow and orange predominating.

Why use Moss Clear?

  • No need to use a pressure washer or scrub the product in
  • Dilute 1:5 with water so that 5 litres gives you 25 litres of liquid
  • Covers up to 100m² per 5 Litre container
  • Easy to apply by watering can or sprayer