Our Moss REmover products

Quickly and Effectively treat Moss, Algae and Lichens

Our Moss Removers are highly regarded in the industry and can also tackle Algae, Lichens, and the dreaded Black Spot which is a type of lichen which forms just under the surface of the stone and which most people find impossible to remove!

Our Xtreme cleaners will take care of the black spot, please select an Xtreme product from the Moss Removers sub-menu above.

Our products are suitable for almost all surfaces, such as block paving, concrete, natural stone including sandstone, limestone and slate, tarmac (don’t use Xtreme products on tarmac) decking, roof tiles and many other external hard surfaces.

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Moss Types

Moss, Green Algae and Lichen which is often multi-coloured with white, yellow and orange predominating.

Moss and green growths cause problems such as:

  • Growing in the joints on block paving
  • Growing on roof tiles
  • Growing on the pointing on concrete or natural stone patios.